Eric Adams

"Because A Horse Is Only As Good As It's Feet!"

                        Because A Horse Is Only As Good As





We all know how important our horses are to us, and we all know how important their hoofs are to them, yet "horse shoers" without enough education, or experience under their belt cost horse owners money, time, time in the saddle and in a lot of cases vet bills and additional farrier expenses.


     A knowledgeable FARRIER can be hard to come by these days, the experience and education needed to properly and knowledgeably work on your horse is fundamental. I have over 5 years of collective schooling and thousands of horses and tens of thousands of hours into the trade of Farriery. I dedicate myself to educating the owner and the horse so you can make educated decisions that are best for you, your horse and your wallet.


     I have been privileged to serve the Pacific North West for over 20 years. In my career I have seen foals be born, worked on them seen them go to grand champion and worked on their foals to send them off to nationals. I have seen children that could barely ride grow up and become talented horse trainers with horses that grew up with them. My career is one of passion and technical skill and knowledge of equine science and metallurgy; it is a passion and a labor of love that I have dedicated my life to.

I feel blessed that I have been given the chance to work on God’s creatures for a living and look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your special horse.


Thank you for your years of business and many more to come,

- Eric Adams


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  • "We have been using Eric with our horse for the last TWENTY YEARS! When out of town at shows or clinics we have HAD to use other horse shoers from time to time lets just say we ..."
    J. Schumacher
    Years Of Service
  • "Eric, thank you for the multiple horse discounts, and the barn discounts, it has made a HUGE difference for my horses and our boarders. THANK YOU for the amazing prices!"
    Roger Whitman
    HUGE savings in price!